Worldwide Excellence in Design and 3D Delineation

"All significant design starts with the first pen stroke."

Ivo D. Drpic is an internationally-known architect and delineator who has worked for more than 2,000 major architectural, interior design and engineering firms throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. 

After being licensed in his native Bolivia, he embarked on a successful career specializing in conceptual design.  He is the best-selling author of Architectural Delineation, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold and Sketching and Rendering Interior Spaces, published by The Whitney Library of Design. 

Drpic’s work and passion for the innovative has led him to broaden his portfolio of services. He has expanded his visionary talents to the fields of auto, aviation, motorcycle and naval design. 

His signature designs have been applied to futuristic autos, motorcycles, high-end yachts and showroom design.  

Drpic holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in architecture & urban design from the University of Houston.  He is founder and president of Ivo Drpic + Associates in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Drpic is also the recipient of an Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Houston for his contributions to the field of architecture.

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        Conceptual Design + Presentation Drawings:

  • Architecture (Interiors + Exteriors)
  • Naval Architecture
  • Aircraft
  • Interior Aircraft Design
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Showroom Design